Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bolivia Subdues Kosovo Style Terror

Bolivia Subdues Kosovo Style Terror

La Paz - The terrorist group dismantled last April in Santa Cruz was trying to cause a Kosovo effect in Bolivia, according to evidence published this week by the special commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

After revising the electronic equipment seized during the police operation the Attorney General proved the Bolivian-Croatian Eduardo Rozsa Flores, separatist group leader, received orders from abroad to carry out their plans.

Rozsa was systematically in e-mail contact with a person under the alias of Istvan, who was moved throughout Hungary, Croatia and even United States, assured details of the commission.

The communication proved close links with authorities and people from Cruces as well as with ex military and large landowner elites who were financing and giving logistic support to the activities of the extremist network in Bolivia.

As proved the paramilitary group wanted to destabilize the Andean nation through an armed movement to allow possession of the lands in the eastern part of the country to subsequently break them from the national territory like in Kosovo.

After many conflicts the Parliament in that Serbian province declared independence unilaterally on February 17, 2008.

However, the Bolivian improvised secessionists clashed with the police action that in April left the group leaderless.

Besides Roczsa other members of the group were killed in the action like Magyarosi Arpád (Hungarian-Croatian) and Michael Martin Dwyer (Irish).

This week Bolivia saw desperate attempts of a split conflictive opposition which seeks to consolidate alliances before next December's general elections.

With this purpose the National democratic Council (CONALDE) scheduled a meeting Friday in Beni department but it was adjourned because of a lack of quorum.

Now they have the choice of holding individual meetings to try to select one representative against President Morales.

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