Friday, June 5, 2009

Falling In Love With Belgrade - Serbia

Falling In Love With Belgrade - Serbia

It's not a secret that not many people people think of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, as a potential place to visit. Most people associate Serbia with wars and ethnic conflict. Belgrade is perceived by many as an unsafe place to visit. That's why it's so amazing to see this story about a 20-years-old French student living in Montreal for two years, Anne-Sophie Pannel, who visited Belgrade this week. What she found was not a grey, dirty, and depressing city. To the contrary, she fell in love with this unknown European capital called Belgrade.

"I really fell in love with the city, so full of contrast. Modern people or buildings are totally mixed with former one and destroyed by the war. The rests of fights are still here, but when I saw children playing on the old canons and chars I tell me that life continue, as if nothing happened. Belgrade, where beer is cheaper than water, where you can eat popcorn everywhere in the streets, where you can buy the first blue Fanta I have ever seen, where you can play tennis and basketball just at the feet of the fortress (which is more a place to relax than an historical site)... strange capital, so quiet and so alive at the same time."

Even more amazing, the French girl met a kiwi named Patrick "who came back two weeks ago from a 2400km motorcycle ride in Eastern Europe, in nine days, and couldn't decide to leave the amazing Belgrade he likes so much." What are your summer vacation travel plans? If you have never visited Belgrade, maybe it's time to visit Belgrade.

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