Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Serb graves vandalized again in Kosovo

2 June 2009 12:54 Source: Tanjug
KLINA -- Ten gravestones in a cemetery close to the village of Vidanja, in Klina municipality, have been vandalized in recent days, says a local official.Ranko Kostić said that unknown culprits had smashed a number of headstones and defaced the pictures on them.“The vandals scratched out the eyes on the pictures of the deceased on the gravestones. Serb returnees are upset by this incident and expect the police to bring the culprits to justice,“ said Kostić. Only a few gravestones in the cemetery, where locals from Klina and three other nearby villages are buried, remain untouched. This cemetery is just one of many in Kosovo vandalized on a number of occasions since 1999. The incident has been reported to the Kosovo Police Service, which, Kostić says, has opened an investigation. Of Serb cemeteries in Kosovo, the ones that have been the most frequent subjects of vandalism are those in Klin, Đakovice, Peć, Istok, Srbica, Vučitrn, Podujevo and Kosovo Polje.

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