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Electricity again cut off to Kosovo Serb enclave


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Electricity again cut off to Kosovo Serb enclave

20 June 2009 | 11:34 | Source: Tanjug
GRAČANICA -- Several thousands of Serbs in the enclave of Gračanica, in central Kosovo were once again Friday cut off electricity.

Tanjug reports that this came due to their refusal to sign collective contracts with the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK) on paying for the electric energy.

State Secretary at the Ministry for Kosovo-Metohija Zvonko Stević pointed out that the ministry and the Coordination Center for Kosovo-Metohija are offering a solution that KEK does not accept.

"The Working Group of the Serbian government is actively engaged in finding the solution to the problem of electricity supply to Serb areas in Kosovo, and it insists on introducing a new electricity distributor in Kosovo," Stević said.

"Since preparations for the celebration of the Vidovdan holiday are underway, we will make sure that electricity is turned on as soon as possible," he underscored, the Serbian media in Kosovo report.

Although some of Gračanica residents were willing to pay the lump-sum in the amount of EUR 26 per household and to continue paying for the consumed electric energy, under the condition that KEK pledges not to insist on signing contracts, there have been no agreements.

Gračanica representatives say that the main reason for not signing the collective contract is that the contract does not specify the issue of outstanding debts since 1999 until present, which amounts to several thousand euros per household.

In mid-May, villagers nearby began paying the lump-sum, after their representatives had signed collective contracts with KEK, so the company regularly supplies them with electricity, with occasional cut offs.

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